From company transportation to outsourcing

Our outsourcing services don’t stop with the processes we offer. We have many years of experience with integrating vehicle fleets and personnel in our company organisation. As a specialised company, we are experts and you can benefit greatly from our experience in procurement and organisation.

Outsourcing your logistics to us can have a great many advantages:

  • You can downwardly adjust your balance sheet and focus on your core business
  • You reduce the investment volume for your vehicle fleet
  • You gain an expert for your company
  • You reduce administration costs
  • Your personnel costs are easier to calculate
  • You no longer have to worry about sickness, holidays or finding personnel
  • You can better calculate and benchmark your logistics costs
  • We optimise your logistics workflows in our own economic interest

You therefore create a useful lever to considerably cut your costs and create new scope for investment. You decide on the speed of change, whether in gradual steps or in a rigorous separation from your own logistics within a short time.

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