Our cold chain does what it promises

Transporting foodstuffs is anything but simple for a forwarding company. More than in any other business, both speed and reliability are essential, cold chains must be strictly adhered to and require a high degree of sensitivity when dealing with foodstuffs. Our equipment is specially designed for transporting foodstuffs that need to be kept below a certain temperature and designed to meet the requirements of our customers.

Range of services

  • Refrigerated semitrailers for frozen goods at temperatures down to –30 °C
  • Equipped with a double-decker system, providing space for up to 66 pallets
  • Powerful, new-generation cooling units with low noise emissions
  • Dividing wall for different temperature zones
  • Load-securing rails
  • Low-noise floors for quiet unloading
  • Track & Trace shipment monitoring
  • IT order interfaces
  • Highly efficient transport management system with integrated telematics
  • Integrated emergency concepts
  • Certification standards in accordance with SQAS, DIN ISO 9001:2015 and GMP+
  • Continuous HACCP concept




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