Reliability and Economy are our Trademarks

BUSSMANN is your guarantee for quality, safety and strict adherence to schedules. As a International Transport Company we have made a strategic move in the last 5 years from subcontrator to Prime Contractor, which gave us increased visibility in the market.

From route planning to drivers and technical maintenance: What connects us all is Experience, Innovative Spirit and the best possible Efficiency. Our Quality Management System is audited externally on a regular basis. We are certified by DIN ISO 9001:2015, CEFIC SQAS Road and GMP+. Our Route Planners use IT-Systems that enable them to have our assets as utilized as possible and give our customers as much Flexiblity as possible. That this is not merely theoretical we prove on a daily basis.

The motivation to deliver Quality starts with our Drivers: We pick them carefully and our location ensures that we can recruit reliable and well mannered characters who care about our equipment and your goods. We train them in terms of Driver Safety, Tie Down and Fuel Economy. Every Driver gets an intense training which includes theory and on-the-job lessons with our Office staff and experienced Drivers. Driver Fluctuation is very low at > 8 years and is a good proof that we treat our staff well. This is where our "Partnership Principle" pays off again.

Our Equipment fulfills highest requirements, as well as in terms of Safety Equipment, Cleanliness and Enviromental points of view. We use BlueTec engines with carbamide injection, sooty particle filters to fulfill Euro V and even the new EEV-standards (Enviromentally Engaged Vehicles). They are so efficient that the average consumption of a transported Ton (1000kg) is < 1 l of Diesel Fuel per 100 kilometers. We have experimented with Alternatives such as Biodiesel and new tire technologies. ABS, ESP, ASR, Airbags and Air-Conditioning are a standard as well as mobile communciation and automated routine dispatch via satellite communication. If required, you can check the temperature of your frozen goods any time from any place.

We really want to grasp our field from A to Z. To have our equipment available 24x7, we do not dispense our own Technical Facilities. A professional staff takes care of the maintenance and reliable equipement that fulfills german technical standards (usually DIN or TÜV - certfiied). We can do anything from brake testing to general inspection. To transfer your demand to a proper appearance of our logistic provider, we take care of the cleanliness of our trucks ourselves too.

Our Promise: At Bussmann we deliver Quality - guaranteed!


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